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New patients please contact Emily Sealy at or 720-288-0305

"When there is free flow there is no pain, when there is no free flow, there is pain." Huang Di Nei Jing

Establish your free flow of nourishment and life energy

to stop pain with Acupuncture

Your body has an innate desire to heal and stay well,

 but each day vigorous physical training, stresses of life, family, work, diet and lifestyle or our environment take a toll and wreck havoc. Pain and illness is usually the end result of any of these imbalances within the body. Habitual patterns and tension such as repetitive motions, or trauma and even excess emotional stress can cause blockages that lead to pains and diseases that becomes difficult for the body to get rid of. So as your body is desperately trying to get back to that place of comfort and ease, at times it needs help! Acupuncture is a strong and effective approach that can eradicate these negative effects on your health and performance and help your body heal itself. By proactively taking a holistic approach to your healthcare in finding and treating the root cause along with removing the local blockages and inflammations that cause your pain, you and I as a team will get you out of back pain, knee pain, PMS, TMJ, carpal tunnel, migraine, insomnia, hives, acne or any other blockage to your wellbeing.

Contact me today to set up your introductory session and get you back on your feet and back into life!

Pain free acupuncture


Capitol Hill Healing Center
750 E. 9th Ave. Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80203


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