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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle and non-toxic healing modality that was discovered by a German Medical Doctor, Samuel Hahnemann, 200 years ago.


Dr. Hahnemann was disappointed in medical treatments that had devastating side effects on his patients, and set out to find alternative ways of treatments. He began to experiment on himself and other healthy volunteers to study the effects of natural substances taken in minimal doses. What he found was that each substance taken by a healthy person produced specific temporary physical & mental symptoms. 


Hahnemann tried this theory out specifically for the treatment of malaria. He took a dose of Cinchona bark (a quinine containing substance successfully used to treat malaria) while he was in a healthy state. He developed symptoms of malaria. He then administered this substance to malaria patients, which cured them of the disease by stimulating the body's innate ability to heal when faced with an exaggerated state of the illness due to the temporary addition of the remedy. The theory is akin to the modern practice of giving certain pollens to people suffering from pollen allergies, or Ritalin for ADHD. Except homeopathic remedies are minute and non-toxic.

Dr. Hahnemann also found that the more he diluted and sucussed (shook) the substances, the faster the patients got well, and the fewer aggravations they suffered. He called this process of dilution "potentization," which creates an expression of the vibrational pattern of the substance, thereby creating the action of homeopathic remedies on an electromagnetic level, as opposed to the crude form of the substance. Our vital force also operates on an electromagnetic level, also known in Chinese Medicine as Qi, with an innate desire for health and balance; it is continuously renewing, replenishing, and healing from within.


When a person is in an imbalanced or diseased state, we see a vibrational pattern that reflects that as "symptoms." With the carefully chosen homeopathic remedy that has a symptom picture (or vibrational pattern) exactly matching the person’s symptom picture, the vital force responds to the remedy, overcomes the disease, and re-establishes balance, leading to overall health.

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